Goldmine! Plant-Based Diet Gets An Entire Special Issue in a Medical Journal

Plant-Based Nutrition for Healthcare Professionals

goldmineDouble celebration as my new article with Ray Cronise, Plant-Based Nutrition for Healthcare Professionals: Implementing Diet as a Primary Modality in the Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Disease, just published in The Journal of Geriatric Cardiology.

You can view it here:

This is the full-text:

Further, this issue of the journal is a (very) special issue as it is the first one ever to be completely dedicated to plant-based diets!

Here is the table of contents for the entire journal issue, which as you may notice, is a goldmine of information that can be shared with your physicians, dietitians, colleagues, friends, family, and anyone else who is seeking to dig deeper into this most health-promoting way of eating.


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  • Jules~

    Head humbly bowed with reverence for sharing your wealth of knowledge. Your inexpressible verve merges seamlessly with your penchant for science. The benefits of primary source nutrition as a lifestyle are clear and recognition of the same long overdue. Thank you for changing the playing field many of us knew for decades would honor Mother Earth. Be well. Namaste… ~Doc Madness

  • Chet Mitchell

    This study will never see the light of day in a world where our TV news networks are sponsored by advertisers that would lose a lot of profits if everyone adopted a plant-based diet (e.g. fewer drugs, less processed food, less use of animal products)

  • Todd Higgins

    Congratulations! Whenever a whole foods nutritional approach gets this type of exposure within the Medical Community it is indeed cause for celebration!. Kaiser I would have expected (good as it is) but this is great. Thanks and keep writing.