Another Dreamy Plan-Based Mom Moment!

My Mom is always asking to have sleepovers with my kids. I usually hesitate for a few reasons: 1) I am a control-freak :)!; 2) My Mom feeds my kids ice cream at any opportunity and then claims, “They wanted it”; and 3) I really miss my kids when they are gone for a whole night.

The other day I relented and allowed my 4 year-old daughter to stay over my parents’ house. A few hours after I dropped her off with my Mom, I received a phone call. My Mom says, “The lady at the store where we are shopping is offering Maya a Tootsie Roll Lollipop. She said she had to call you to see if it was OK.”

(YES! I am thinking to myself…a minor miracle!).

I replied, “Mom, why couldn’t you just distract her, say no politely to the lady, and move on?” She relayed the information to Maya, that I did not want her to have the lollipop. Here is the real kicker…she exclaimed, “OK! I didn’t want it anyway.”

The moral of this story is this…kids do not have to have everything they want. Maybe they don’t even want to have everything they say they want. Learning boundaries applies to food just as it does to buying toys. In fact, one of the most important lessons kids need to learn is how to eat healthfully in order to set up their habits for life.

Yea! Score again for Mommy!!!

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