Brian Wendel

"Julieanna’s commitment to excellence has made her one of the top educators in the healthy food movement and a “go-to” person for Forks Over Knives. Julieanna has not only a great understanding of food and health, but a unique ability to make healthy eating principles easy to understand and implement." -Brian Wendel, Executive Producer of Forks [...]

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Lisa Bloom

"Julieanna Hever is passionately committed to rigorous scientific research, and to revealing the truth, whatever it may be. At a time when powerful forces (like the meat and dairy industries) try to twist health policy towards their ends, Julieanna stands for sound nutrition and good health practices that anyone can follow. Her books and films [...]

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T. Colin Campbell

"Julieanna Hever is a very competent nutritionist with a fundamental understanding of the basic science." -T. Colin Campbell, PhD., author of The China Study and Professor Emeritus at Cornell University

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Joel Fuhrman

"The food we eat has the largest effect on determining the quality and length of our lives. Julieanna puts together knowledge, enthusiasm and warmth to teach and motivate people to obtain a more pleasurable life.  She is more than just a dietician, but a life coach that can support you to a better life." -Joel [...]

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Rory Freedman

"Julieanna's passion and enthusiasm are on par with her extensive training and knowledge. While she takes her mission seriously, she couldn't possibly have more fun doing it." -Rory Freedman, co-author of the #1 New York Times best-seller, Skinny Bitch, and its series

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Mike Zigomanis

"Julieanna's knowledge and guidance helped me prepare for my hockey season by ensuring that I was meeting all of the nutritional requirements on my plant based diet." -Mike Zigomanis, professional NHL hockey player for the Toronto Maple Leafs

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Joseph Connelly

"Julieanna brings fresh, youthful energy to vegan nutrition, following in the footsteps of the pioneers who cleared the path before her (Eisman, Havala, Davis & Melina, Norris, and Messina). Jules is the right dietitian for our multi-media times, whether she's producing user-friendly books, entertaining videos, informative websites, representing plant-strong nutrition on TV, or delivering keynote [...]

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Melanie Joy

"Julieanna has a depth and breath of nutritional knowledge that is remarkable. And she is able to communicate this knowledge with clarity, enthusiasm, and with respect for the specific needs of the individual. Julieanna is a true leader and teacher in the field of nutrition and there is nobody who wouldn't benefit from her wisdom!" [...]

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