Dr. T. Colin Campbell

I finally had the opportunity to meet the “Father of Modern Nutrition”, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, last week in Ithaca, NY. After having him sign my copy of The China Study, the revolutionary book that inspired my career, he obliged me with a brilliant interview describing his book and his decades of extraordinary research on nutritional biochemistry (especially protein and cancer). Much to my excitement, I was also offered a glance into the concepts behind his latest book, which he is actively determined to complete. He exclaimed that his wife refuses to feed him until he works on the book! They are both eager to get this information out in the public. Personally, I cannot wait to read more of the behind-the-scenes nitty-gritty that Dr. Campbell has experienced first-hand. From politics and government to re-defining nutrition, this book has all the makings of a life-changing best-seller!

Dr. Campbell and his wonderful wife then had us in their home for a delicious plant-based potluck where the conversation was fascinating and the food…fabulous! The whole time, I just could not believe I was sitting at the dinner table with Dr. Campbell!!! It was surreal, to say the least!

The evening I returned home, I began instructing my first class for eCornell’s Plant-Based NutritionCertification Program, which is Dr. Campbell’s series of courses that delve deeper into his research and its application. It presents a different paradigm, exploring the topic of nutrition both as a science and as a critical component in medicine. http://bit.ly/249Iv. As a graduate, I am thrilled to be able to actively continue to participate. I currently have students in all parts of the world, from Singapore to the Czech Republic, Holland to Istanbul. Dr. Campbell’s work is clearly making an impact universally. It is an honor to be a part of this revolution!

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