Nori Edamame Salad with Miso Sauce

I wanted to call this salad a “Sushi Salad”, but Jon insisted that sushi implied fish and he didn’t want to mislead our viewers to think we were veganizing a recipe. Our goal together is to bring healthy meal ideas to everyone and to not discriminate against omnivores. I completely concur…my goal as a Plant-Based Dietitian is to help everyone get healthy, no matter where they are on the omnivore to vegan spectrum. Thus, after playing with ideas for names including “Un-Sushi Salad”, “Sumo Salad” and “Sayonara Salad, we decided to go with the obvious and to just name the unique ingredients…hence the title. Regardless, this is my new favorite salad and I cannot wait to eat it again.

It was a crazy experiement that ended up successful. I simply combined nori (seaweed sheets used to wrap sushi in that is FILLED with hard-to-find minerals like calcium, iron and iodine), salad mix (bagged for convenience with lettuce, carrots and red cabbage), shelled edamame, matchstick cucumbers, avocado and pickled ginger. I topped it off my tossing the mix in a store-bought miso dressing. YUM! I cannot recommend this salad enough. I guarantee you will love it and so will your body!

Domo arigato and sayonara!!!

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