The Threat of Antibiotic Resistance

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed a frightening report on the burden and threats posed by antibiotic overuse. Every year in the United States, 2 million people are infected and 23,000 people die from antibiotic-resistant infections. Here is how antibiotic resistance happens: Here is how antibiotic resistance spreads: And not surprisingly, in states [...]

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Chipotle Inspiring an End to Factory Farming?

Cheers to Chipotle Mexican Grill for put out this inspiring new ad for their new Scarecrow app this week: They had also released this one, called Back to the Start, in 2011: Both display the horror of factory farming in a touching and powerful way that hopefully is raising consciousness, based on the millions of views these [...]

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Evolving Backwards

And with seeing and being reminded comes…inspiration…each image of animals being treated with apathy in the most horrific manners…manners in which are impossible to imagine how a human could conceive of them-let alone implement and perpetuate them. And yet, they do…and these events continue to the tune of billions of animals per year in the United [...]

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My New Year’s Wish

So here we are in the future...where we are supposed to be flying around in our spacecars, wearing silver metal sleeksuits, and where robots make our dinner and clean the dishes. We are actually heading in that direction at the rate we are going...but not in the idealized projection. We will be forced to live [...]

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