6 Steps Towards a Plant-Based Diet

Undoubtedly you have been hearing the words "plant-based" and "vegan" flooding the media as more and more people are becoming more and more plant-curious. With evidence building in the scientific database on the extraordinary health benefits of eating more plants; with rapid growth of vegan restaurant (chains) and vegan options on menus; and with exploding recipe sources [...]

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The Joy of Eating

My dear friend, Ciddy Fonteboa, is a passionate animal rights activist. She is driven by compassion and has a pure, energetic soul that is utterly contagious! I met Ciddy when she asked me to speak in the Healthy Hut at Worldfest 2011 in Los Angeles, CA, which she gallantly produced. Clips of the event are intertwined in this fun [...]

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To Your Health Trailer

Finally...my dream project is coming to fruition. After a year and a half of delving deeply into the plant-based world, master filmmaker, Jesse Pomeroy, and I are on the cusp of releasing our baby. Join us as we tour the country in search of the answers to achieving optimum health. All of the leading experts [...]

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Mardi Gras Red Beans and Rice…Vegified & Nutrified!

It is Mardi Gras time again and this year we are going to take a traditional Louisiana dish- Red Beans and Rice- and we are going to veg-ify and nutr-ify it. Instead of using the traditional ham hock and bacon grease, great sources of saturated fat and cholesterol, I have created a low fat version that is [...]

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Green Sludge for Going Veg

Yesterday, Jesse Pomeroy and I shot the production of my favorite breakfast, my Green Smoothie, for Going Veg. This is what I make every morning. It provides every nutrient possible and tastes delicious. A perfect way to start the day. In it, there are as many greens as I can pack in (usually a combination of collard greens, dandelion [...]

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What is Plant-Based Nutrition?

The perfect ideology about eating can be summed up by the Father of Modern Medicine, Hippocrates, when he said: “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”. I propose that the ultimate epitome of medicinal consumption is a whole food, plant-based diet. What is plant-based nutrition? It sounds like a vegan [...]

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