First, Do No Harm

A significant premise of the Hippocratic oath, which Physicians take upon receiving their medical degree, is to "first, do no harm." For all intents and purposes, healthcare professionals aim to care for their patients with the goal of ameliorating their ails, injuries, and protecting their lives and well-being to the best of their ability. Quite [...]

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5 Tips to Thrive This Holiday Season

1. Healthy food first. Always start with whole, intact, nutrient-dense foods. If you have a party/event at night, eat light, wholesome foods throughout the day. At the party/event, begin with salad with oil-free dressing or fruit to fill your stomach with satiating fiber. This will help you eat less calories overall. 2. Revamp your meals. Any of [...]

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Resolutions for Evolution

With every new year, comes hope, potential, and possibility. Annually, I sit down and type up my goals for the following year. I have been doing this ever since I can remember (in the old days, pre-laptops, I would scratch it out on paper). I find them magical for three reasons: first, they inspire you [...]

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Tomorrow, Saturday, March 31st, I am speaking at my first TED is at TEDxCONEJO and I am absolutely thrilled about it. I am speaking amongst some amazingly passionate people and the day should be memorable and full of inspiration. Here is the program of speakers. Although the event has been sold out with a hug waiting list since [...]

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There is inspiration and then there is elevation. I have been blessed (or cursed) with a mad passion for plant-based, whole food nutrition...a passion that wakes me up early in the morning and keeps me up late at night, constantly striving for ways in which to share my passion, educate others, motivate, contribute. This depth of [...]

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