The Truth About Weight Loss From A Weight Loss Researcher

Dr. Sherry Pagoto grabbed my attention on twitter with her wisdom, knowledge, and inspiring wit. Perhaps my favorite hook is her fabulous #plankaday revolution campaign, which has inspired me to commit to planking at least once a day for a year...and sometimes once an hour (#plankanhour), which she and her colleague, Mike, and also the [...]

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Online Support Groups

After many requests, I am excited to introduce a new service...Online Support Groups! If you are transitioning to a plant-based diet or if you are a seasoned herbivore, social support offers longevity, comfort, and ease. Research shows better health outcomes and long-term weight loss maintenance for people who maintain strong support systems. Now you can join [...]

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What Would Julieanna Do? Q&A

Do you have questions about any of the following: nutrition, diet, fitness, beauty, cooking, health, wellness, pregnancy, raising kids healthfully, and/or lifestyle? I am launching the What Would Julieanna Do? Q&A Series, where I will answer one of your questions each week a la my wellness talk show on Veria Living, What Would Julieanna Do? If [...]

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Lose Those Last Sticky Pounds

Hello summer! Hello more body exposure! It is at this time of year when the extra treats, the skipped workouts, and the hard facts from the past several months of bathing suit hibernation inevitably surface. Granted, this is not something I recommend over-thinking or obsessing over, but I do have clients that come to me [...]

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Why Chewing Matters

How many of you chew your food? I mean, really chew your food well? I know it is challenging for me to sit and truly take the time necessary to chew my meals adequately....and somehow, I don't think I am alone. Most of us eat on the run, eat "fast" food, and dedicate little time [...]

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Sustainable Weight Loss

Here are my favorite tips to lose weight fast...for life...from! "Bulkify" your diet...Eat foods high in fiber and water to stay full! Reduce concentrated fats and sweets...(i.e. oils and sugar). Exercise! Move it with whatever you love to do...    

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Weekly Menu: August 13th-19th

Monday: Mixed Berry Breakfast Chia Pudding Shiitake & Porcini Risotto Oriental Almond & Cabbage Salad Tuesday: Breakfast Oatmeal Italian Garden Ragu with Quinoa Romaine Garden Salad Wednesday: Granola Eggplant Tostada with Quinoa Tempah & Veggie "Stuffing" with Quinoa Thursday: Breakfast Oatmeal Mixed Vegetable Rice Bowl Cilantro & Spinach Split Pea Soup Friday: Granola Red & [...]

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Spice Up Your Smoothie on *Reluctantly Healthy*

One of the healthiest additions to your diet is leafy green vegetables. In this video, I show the most amazingly talented and hilarious Judy Greer how to make a tropical, spicy, metabolism-boosting smoothie that is not only health-promoting, but also delicious, easy, and fun...especially when you have Judy in the kitchen... See below for the [...]

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10 Reasons to Just Do It! An Homage to Jack LaLanne

“Exercise is king, nutrition is queen, put them together and you have a kingdom!” Jack LaLanne 1914 – 2011 Jack LaLanne passed away yesterday at the ripened old age of 96. In honor of his infinite ability to inspire, I want to share 10 reasons why exercise is indeed so critical to optimal health. I actually would reverse Jack's [...]

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