The Chef and The Dietitian – Episode 16

Happy, Healthy New Year! In this episode, Chef AJ shows us how to make her party favorite pesto-stuffed mushrooms. By the way they taste and by their elegant presentation, you'd never think they could be so simple to make. Remember to follow my Whole Food, Plant-Based Food Guide Pyramid to achieve and maintain optimum health all year-long. To a healthy, fruitful, plant-based [...]

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Is it a Coincidence?

Is it a coincidence??? That the human body suffers when the animals’ do? Is it coincidence??? That our body responds to the torture and slaughter of innocent lives in kind by offering little more than torture and an untimely death to those who accept it? There are two components to achieving sustenance and optimal health: [...]

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The Plant-Based Food Guide Pyramid and Plate

Plant-Based Food Guide Pyramid and Plate as a Guide to a Wholesome Plant-Based Diet   There are almost as many food guide pyramids and plates out there as there are diet books. I have yet to find one that meets my standards for an optimal plan. Thus, I decided to work with my graphic designer, [...]

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Thai Corn Chowder & Cabbage Salad, Part 1

Chef Kirk Leins and Tony Pinto from offered me the opportunity to work with them and I was magically able to "inspire" them to go plant-based with me for a few recipes. This is the first part of a two-part series and an additional series to come (in the they say in Hollywood :)!). We developed a [...]

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Super Superbowl Hummus

Here is a perfect snack for Superbowl Sunday. Not only is it decadently delicious, but it is healthy and takes less than 10 minutes to prepare. This healthy hummus has only a few ingredients and, after blending or food processing it together, can be served with raw veggies, mini pita bread pockets, or any type [...]

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Fighting for Fat-ism

Yesterday morning, as I was peddling away on the seated elliptical, reading Dr. David Kessler's The End of Overeating, I looked up at the muted television screen right above me and saw a headline on one of the morning shows. It said "How to find a doctor who is not fat-phobic". It was impossible not [...]

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