TRX Workout with Cari Ham

This is Workout # 8 where Cari Ham guides me through another great full body workout using the TRX which helps perform challenging, diverse, and functional exercises in order to build strength, balance and posture. This circuit workout consists of the following exercises:

1. TRX Side Lunge- 10 repetitions per side

2. TRX Push Up with Feet in Straps- 10 repetitions per side

3. Single Leg TRX Lunge- 10 repetitions per side

4. TRX Tucks- 10 repetitions

5. TRX T- 10 repetitions

In order to maximize benefits from this workout, be sure to:

1. Complete 2-3 sets of each exercise

2. Move through the exercises in a circuit training format (perform one right after the other without rest in between)

3. Practice the exercises regularly.

To learn more about training with the TRX, check out Fitness on the Run.

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