7 Reasons the USDA Should Go Meatless With Their New Dietary Recommendations

At the end of the month, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services will release it’s new dietary guidelines, as they do every 5 years…

Here are 7 Reasons the USDA Should Go Meatless With Their New Dietary Recommendations:

1. To crowd out the animal products on the plate which are the primary source of dietary cholesterol, saturated fat, hormones, steroids, antibiotics and other veterinary medications, heme iron, and other chemicals and carcinogens found in the disease-promoting standard American diet. http://bit.ly/1srlb8X

2. Because our plates do not need to include a paid-for advertisement by the dairy industry attached to it. We not only do not need dairy products, we are much better off without them. http://bit.ly/1kqXw4t

3. So that our plates can be filled with more phytochemicals, fibers, and antioxidants from wholesome plant foods that help us meet nutrient needs, lower our odds of developing chronic diseases, and support immune function. http://bit.ly/177tOQz

4. Because a whole food, plant-based diet is the only diet that has been shown to reverse disease, namely coronary artery disease and type 2 diabetes. http://bit.ly/1C1TmLH

5. To stop the excessive overuse of antibiotics, which is leading to millions of illnesses and thousands of deaths per year (more than 2 million illnesses and 23,000 deaths in 2013) because of superbug infections. The vast majority (70-80%) of all antibiotics are used in healthy livestock to prevent infections. http://bit.ly/1wUlxwp

6. To inspire us by demonstrating that our government can make health recommendations without financial interest and support directly from the food industry. http://bit.ly/1snmOer

7. Because the only chance we have to stop the degradation, destruction, and depletion of our planet is to stop the overly excessive production and consumption of animal products. http://bit.ly/1eZEqXs

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*Graphic by Vegan Street


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