Veg Source Health Expo 2009

Getting back to the daily grind was tough this morning after coming off of the daze initiated by the most inspirational and educational weekend of my entire career. Not only did I hear Dr. Fuhrman speak twice and have the opportunity to speak with him, but I had lunch with Dr. John McDougall yesterday!!! He gave three fascinating and provocative lectures about the importance of a starch-based diet, the myth about salt, and about fat vegans.

One of the most touching parts of this weekend was listening to John Robbins, the animal rights- and environmental activist hero of our generation. He is the wise and compassionate author of at least two of the most important books of our time: Diet for a New America and Food Revolution. The former is the reason that I became empassioned about animal rights as a little girl. He fueled my fire to help stop factory farming, which is what led me to plant-based nutrition. I was able to thank him for that, even though I couldn’t hold back the tears as I spoke. He has such a presence…the room vibrated with powerful positive energy. He fills his audience with compassion and left not a single member unmoved.

We also saw the charming and “Plant-Strong” author of The Engine 2 Diet, Texas firefighter Rip Esselstyn speak. The hillareous dietitian, Jeffrey Novick, M.S., R.D. made us all laugh as he spoke about fats (a usually un-funny topic). They provided us with a cooking demo, a panel discussion, and delicious plant-based meals created from Dr. Fuhrman’s recipes. Right in the middle of the day yesterday, a Buddhist monk named Rev. Heng Sure, PhD, spoke beautifully about simplicity and played the banjo and sang!

Overall, this weekend left me infused with energy. I am bursting at my seams with new knowledge, heightened passion, and fire under my feet!!!

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