Vegan Mattar “Paneer” Masala

This was our third recipe using Basu’s Homestyle Vegan Indian Sauces. This particular sauce was a Masala sauce and was incredibly well-spiced. I wanted to make a veganized Mattar “Paneer” dish.

We pressed the tofu beforehand by drying the extra-firm block really well and squeezing it between two paper towels with our hands. Then we cut it into paneer-like mini-rectangles and sauteed them in a wok with vegetable broth until they browned slightly. Then we added a can of chopped tomatoes and a bag of organic frozen peas. We let that simmer for a few minutes. Finally, we added the Basu Masala Sauce and let it heat up for a minute. And, voila! We had an incredibly flavorful, savory meal in less than 10 minutes. The pressed tofu really tasted like paneer and I am thrilled to be able to eat one of my all-time favorite Indian dishes again, but veganized and health-ified!!!

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