The 6 Daily 3’s

Here is an ultra-simplified guide on how to prioritize your plate in order to ensure you are consuming all you need for adequate nutrition and optimal health:

6 Daily 3finalwebConsider how to fit in these foods and movement throughout the day for easy success on a daily basis…

Remember to take your vitamin B12 and to test for vitamin D and supplement, as necessary. And here is how to confirm you are diligent about finding your other notable nutrient needs.

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  • Malorie Peterson Shannon

    Hi just to make sure I understand………you are not saying to eat “only” these items each day. You are saying make sure you are getting at least these amounts of these items in these proportions each day along with other plant based foods. Correct?

    • Yes, I am recommending prioritizing these food groups (and some movement) each day, as they provide the most nutritional bang for their caloric buck.

      • Malorie Peterson Shannon

        Thank you 🙂