5 Reasons to Bypass the Turkey this Thanksgiving…and Everyday

Turkey size MJNearly 46 million turkeys are brutally raised and slaughtered just for Thanksgiving in the U.S. each year.

Here are 5 reasons to bypass the turkey this Thanksgiving…and everyday:

1. Bred for both size and speed of growth, turkeys more than doubled in size since 1929 from an average of 13 pounds to an average of 29 pounds, and show no signs of stopping. If the trend continues, we could see an average turkey size of 40 pounds by 2020.
—>WIRED’s Give Thanks? Science Supersized Your Turkey Dinner
—>Mother Jones’ Look How Much Bigger Thanksgiving Turkeys Are Today Than in the 1930s
Thanksgiving before and after2. Turkeys are raised under “egregious insanitary conditions” as they are crammed into tiny spaces indoors, where ammonia and other noxious chemicals levels build up in the air due to manure and overcrowding. They are debeaked without anesthesia to avoid them hurting one another, sickened due to the bleak conditions, and there are many undercover videos documenting horrific abuse.
—>Mother Jones’ Butterball Goes “Humane” for Thanksgiving. Really? 
—>Free from Harm’s 12 Reasons You May Never Want To Eat Turkey Again

Turkeys thankful for vegans3. “Turkeys are sensitive, social individuals, and in conditions where they are permitted to thrive, they are seen for the complex, adaptive, and intelligent animals that they are.”
—>Woodstock Farm Sanctuary’s Turkeys
—>Nature’s My Life as a Turkey Q&A

4. Because of the bird flu crisis this year, prices of turkey have jumped up to 20% higher.
—>USA TODAY’s Bird flu means your Thanksgiving turkey will cost more this year

5. There are literally thousands of creative, decadent, delicious recipes available online, in restaurants, and in cookbooks everywhere that do not include animal products…
—>My Facebook recipe roundup
—>AOL’s 10 vegan dishes that will completely change the game this Thanksgiving
—>BuzzFeed Food’s 27 Vegan Thanksgiving Dishes That Will Make Meat Eaters Drool

Bless the tofu

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