6 Ways To Strengthen Immunity

VS Caught a ColdA vegan diet has been shown to reduce your risk for many chronic illnesses and many people report a reduced incidence of viruses and other common bugs. However, it is not foolproof. Vegans are human. Vegans get sick, too.

Here are 6 ways to strengthen immunity:

1.Exercise. The lymphatic system is perpetuated and stimulated by movement. Contracting muscles via exercise and moving around helps circulate lymph fluid which removes toxins, provides nutrients, and encourage optimal immune function. (link)

simplereminders.com-everyday-detox-withtext-displayres2. Minimize toxin exposure. Toxins are everywhere…in our water, air, food, household and body care products…everywhere. The best we can do is avoid chemical exposures by doing our best to choose wholesome foods, drink purified water, and avoid chemicals in our household and body products whenever possible. Use healthy houseplants that absorb toxins, opt for essential oils for antimicrobial purposes, and get as close to nature with anything that you use. (link)

3. Hone in on hygiene. It’s no secret that germs cause warfare when given any opportunity. Give your immune system a break by washing your hands often – especially before eating and after using the restroom (yes, some people still forget that…as shocking as that is) – and avoid touching your face or any of its many orifices. (link)

Rainbow nutrients4. Load up on antioxidants and immune-enhancing phytochemicals. You are what you eat. Literally. So douse your body in a constant stream of immune-boosting nutrients naturally found in whole plant foods (there by nature to protect themselves, but generously able to protect you, too). (link)

5. Adequate rest and stress management. Nothing’s better than a good night’s sleep….as the saying goes. Truly, adequate rest and effectively managing stress is infinite in its immune-enhancing advantages. (link)

6. Keep your native bacteria happy. Your gut flora play a significant role in immunity. Feast on healthy fiber and probiotics to feed those good bacteria to help ward off the pathogenic (aka dangerous, illness-causing) microbes. (link)

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*Graphic by Vegan Sidekick​

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