Become a Plant-Based Culinary Expert from Home

Do you love to cook, cook professionally and/or just love spending time in the kitchen? Do you want to take your love for food and health to the next level? I want to take this opportunity share some exciting news with you about the future of how we cook and eat, and invite you to indulge in an amazing opportunity for our community and plant lovers everywhere.

I am thrilled to let you know about something amazing that is happening in the plant-based community. Rouxbe Cooking School has just launched their new Plant-Based Professional Certification Course.

Lead by world-renowned plant-based Chef Chad Sarno, who is now the VP of Plant-Based Education and Wellness for the company, this course is unlike anything else available online. Chad has brought his unique culinary style to a vast array of projects throughout his career before joining Rouxbe Online Culinary School as VP of Plant-Based Education. Spanning from the launch of a boutique plant-based restaurant brand throughout Europe in Istanbul, London and Munich, to the development of innovative health and wellness initiatives as culinary media spokesperson for Whole Foods Market’s global healthy eating program, Chad’s mission of health inspired plant-based eating has reached all corners of the globe. Chad has been contributing chef to numerous recipe books as well as featured in many national publications. He has been a guest on dozens of morning shows and food-focused programs on television and radio internationally over the years. Through the intersection of clean food and culinary education, Chad continues to share his passion for helping others achieve their health goals, starting in the kitchen. In 2012, Chad has teamed up with best selling author, Kris Carr to write the New York Times Best Seller, Crazy Sexy Kitchen.

With over 100+ hours of online learning and chef-supported assessments and activities, it teaches foundational to advanced techniques in whole food and plant-based cooking.  It covers the full spectrum of fully vegan cooking from cooked to raw, comfort to therapeutic, and even offers instruction on wellness related issues such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, gluten free technique no-oil and no-salt adaptations. This professional course will have it all, and allow you to be able to walk away with a certification to use in your own life or practice. It will give you the tools you need to be able to successfully cook plant-based foods well, and to teach that to others.

I wanted to be sure that you, as a part of my community, have an opportunity to pre-enroll in this course. It is a game-changer for plant-based education and will help power a new generation of chefs, home cooks and practitioners who see wellness and health as essential parts of their culinary style.

If you’re interested in learning more about enrolling for the plant-based certification course,

Watch this video for more information, and visit the Plant-Based page to view the curriculum, sample videos and much more.

Class begins February 17, 2014 and space is limited. There are only a few spots left in this class- click here to enroll now!


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