Chipotle Inspiring an End to Factory Farming?

Cheers to Chipotle Mexican Grill for put out this inspiring new ad for their new Scarecrow app this week:

They had also released this one, called Back to the Start, in 2011:

Both display the horror of factory farming in a touching and powerful way that hopefully is raising consciousness, based on the millions of views these have collectively received.

Although Chipotle serves animal foods, they are making (and have always made) efforts towards using more sustainable methods. They even launched their new vegan option — Sofritas — recently, which makes it even easier to find delicious plant-based cuisine in a fast food setting around the country. I am grateful for these significant positive actions and will continue to support their restaurants.

My biggest hope is that humans finally recognize that eating animal products — especially at the rate they are currently doing so — is unsustainable for the health of humans, animals, and the planet. We need to end factory farming completely. And soon.

How do you feel about these ads?


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