Kickstart 2019 With An Inspiring New Documentary

There is something inherently welcoming and refreshing about a brand new year. Suggesting that the new year represents a blank 365-page book that has yet to be written invokes the spirit of a brand new start and infinite possibility. Of course, with my passion and work centered on health and nutrition, this is my favorite bustling time of year as the air of inspiration is palpable.

I am excited to share this new documentary that is being released today in the new year, new you spirit. To be honest, I have seen many documentaries (I even produced one in 2011) but Diet Fiction is unique and the overall message resonates with how I approach weight loss and diet:

You are not broken.

In fact, you are quite literally what you eat.

In this extraordinary new film, Michal Siewierski exposes the insidious fiction behind the multi-billion dollar diet industry that leaves millions of people desperate, frustrated, and stuck in a vicious feedback loop year after year. Diet Fiction offers a dynamic, exciting, and provocative solution to the increasingly morbid obesity epidemic, showing how a whole food, plant-based diet is unquestionably the single best choice for sustainable weight loss and long-term optimal health.

Enjoy the trailer here and here is a link to order the film on iTunes.

Wishing you all a very healthy, happy, and peaceful 2019!


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