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You focus on choosing healthy ingredients, aiming to avoid toxins, GMO’s, and other harmful additives…but did you know that your cookware and storage containers can be leaching dangerous substances into your pristine food? Heavy metals and nonstick coatings that come into direct contact with your food may increase your risk for adverse health consequences.

Materials that are commonly used in cookware include:

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Lead
  • Stainless steel
  • Teflon (polytetrafluoroethlyene)

High levels of aluminum have been found in people with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and dialysis encephalopathy. Because aluminum accumulates in the brain, bones, and liver, it is considered a neurotoxin. The leaching process increases with the addition of salt and citric acid (study).

Although copper is and essential metal in small doses (900 micrograms per day for adults), large amounts of copper may increase symptoms like nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. A high copper burden may even lead to cognitive dysfunction, central nervous system damage, psychiatric conditions, heart disease, and behavioral disorders (review).

Cast iron cookware has been used as a treatment for iron-deficiency. This is optimistic for people with low iron stores. However, high tissue concentrations of iron can promote a pro-oxidative state and lead to an increased risk for heart disease, certain cancers, liver disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, hormonal abnormalities, and immune dysfunction (study and study).

Lead is a known contaminant that is especially harmful to children and can build up with small exposures over time. Some products, including some ceramic cookware, contain lead, so be wary.

Stainless steel is a safe option when intact. However, because stainless steel cookware is typically made in combination with other metals (as an alloy), those other metals can leach into your food if there are scratches and over time.

Teflon is a popular nonstick chemical coating used in cookware. When used at high temperatures or after being scratched, teflon contains chemicals that have been shown to be toxic to the environment, humans, and fatal to birds.

Why Xtrema Ceramcor

The benefits of using Xtrema Ceramcor ceramic cookware include that they’re:

  • Safe: Products are free of lead, cadmium, and other heavy toxic metals.
  • Versatile: Products can be used in the oven, stovetop, broiler, toaster oven, steamer oven, convection oven, freezer, barbecue grill, microwave oven, and dishwasher.
  • Durable: Cooking surface does not scratch, and there is a 50 year warranty against scratching.
  • Capable of withstanding heat: Cookware can withstand temperatures of 2,700 F (compared to metal cookware, which can melt at 2,200 F).
  • Clean: Food does not change taste from ceramic surfaces, as it does in metal cookware, so it tastes pure.
  • Green: Products are eco-friendly, non-reactive, clean burning, and made from natural inorganic minerals.
  • Healthy: Most importantly, no metals or other chemicals can leach into your food, leaving it healthy.

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