“Noritos” is a concept I came up with many years ago, thanks to my wheat allergy…making sandwich wraps using nori wraps instead of tortillas…

Plus, sea vegetables (including Nori as well as Hijiki, Wakame, Dulse and Kelp) are filled with minerals such as iodine, iron, and calcium. They are very low in calories (about 10 per sheet of nori) and contain zero fat so they make a meal healthier, lighter and much more nutritionally dense than a tortilla or bread.

I made 3 different variations of Noritos: a Japanese, Mediterranean, and Mexican.
The Japanese Norito contains brown rice, miso paste, cucumber, carrot, tamari and gomashio.

The Mediterranean Norito is made with hummus, red pepper slices, cucumber and sundried tomatoes.

Finally, the Mexican Norito…filled with guacamole, jicama, salsa and cilantro.
Easy meals in minutes…cheers!

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