Why and How to Ditch Dairy

 Facts on Dairy:

  1. We do not need it for calcium, vitamin D, protein, etc. There are healthier foods with adequate nutrition, but without the growth-promoting hormones, saturated fat, dietary cholesterol, and veterinary medication residues found in dairy.
  2. The dairy industry is perhaps one of the most pervasive powerful, and creative forces to be reckoned with as they inundate the USDA’s dietary guideline decisions, are marketed to children directly, provide education to healthcare professionals directly and indirectly, fund massive research for intended, untruthful results, and have clever, compelling ad campaigns everywhere that makes us believe milk is a power food and critical to our health. It is absolutely not.
  3. Find calcium in plant milks, leafy green vegetables (kale is better absorbed than dairy…see study below), broccoli, unhulled sesame seeds, tahini, calcium-set tofu, oranges, beans, dried figs, fortified juice, and blackstrap molasses.
  4. Vitamin D is best derived from the sun but can be found in fortified plant milks and many people require supplements, regardless of type of diet, intake and sun exposure (see below).
  5. Find protein in legumes, nuts, seeds, quinoa, whole grains, leafy green veggies….all plant foods.
  6. Ditch dairy by replacing it with plant versions and committing to a 3- to 4-week period to completely stop consuming it. That will get likely rid of the addictive nature of it.




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