Why Chewing Matters

How many of you chew your food? I mean, really chew your food well? I know it is challenging for me to sit and truly take the time necessary to chew my meals adequately….and somehow, I don’t think I am alone. Most of us eat on the run, eat “fast” food, and dedicate little time to dining. There are several problems with this:

  1. Plants trap their nutrients within their cellulose (plant fiber), which is indigestible by humans. Thus, you need to break down that fiber with your teeth to release the nutrients, as described in this video.
  2. Chewing for 30 seconds per bite has been found to reduce appetite and overall caloric intake, helping to lose weight. Click here for the article.
  3. Chewing well supports more efficient and effective digestion and absorption of nutrients, minimizing digestive discomfort.


  1. Sit down when you eat your meals.
  2. Create a relaxing and comfortable environment, minimizing distractions like television or the computer.
  3. Put your fork (or spoon) down in between bites, focusing on chewing each bite into a liquid.
  4. Dedicate a minimum of 15-20 minutes per meal, so you can allow your GI tract to function on full-capacity
  5. Enjoy soups, healthy green smoothies, and juices on a regular basis to help ensure easy, built-in nutrient absorption:


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