Media Highlights

Here is a demo reel of my media highlights including episodes from The Dr. Oz Show, Reluctantly Healthy, and E! News. For booking information, please contact Diane Perez at Principato Young Entertainment: (310) 274-4474 or dperez[at]

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Recent Updates

I have had a very busy and exciting month and wanted to share some of the details... This past Friday, October 28th, I was featured as the expert on The Dr. Oz Show.  J. Morris Hicks wrote a fabulous blog delineating the details of the show on his site. To read it, click here: Healthy Eating Healthy [...]

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Guest Appearance on the Dr. Oz Show

Watch my appearance on the Dr. Oz Show. Part 1 sets up the story. It’s Dr. Oz’s most extreme experiment ever! Dr. Oz locked 3 women in a zoo to see if they could lower their blood pressure, cholesterol and weight on a diet with no meat, dairy, sugar or caffeine. Is this the diet [...]

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