5 Ways to Show Yourself Some Love

This Valentine's Day, flip the camera around and show your selfie some love! Here are just 5 ways you can do so: 1. Practice mindfulness around food. Your mouth is the window to your health, as it is the first and most frequent interface with the outside world. Every bite you eat contributes to your future health. Instead of just [...]

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Holy Kale

More Reasons to Eat More Kale:  Kale is a cruciferous vegetable that contains glucosinolates that convert to isothiocyantes, powerful cancer-fighting phytochemicals that assist with detoxification. Two of the approximately 45 flavonoids in kale are kaempferol and quercetin, which are anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, anti-hypertensive, and protect DNA. Kale is an excellent source of absorbable calcium, providing 179 [...]

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Add Green to Your Red, White, & Blue

Happy Independence Day, America! Traditionally, this is one of the biggest BBQ days of the year. This time, woo your friends and help your body happily buzz by preparing and enjoying delicious plant-based green recipes to celebrate.   Try these BBQ Tofu Wings (or use the healthy, delicious BBQ sauce on seitan or tempeh). Or [...]

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Long Live the Green Smoothie!

Green smoothies have attracted massive fans from the health community for decades...celebrated for their impressive nutrient content, convenience, and ease of consumption. There are even full books dedicated solely to green smoothie recipes, like Victoria Boutenko's Green Smoothie Revolution and the recent  Bo Rinaldi's The Complete Idiot's Guide to Green Smoothies. In fact, I advocate their [...]

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Spice Up Your Smoothie on *Reluctantly Healthy*

One of the healthiest additions to your diet is leafy green vegetables. In this video, I show the most amazingly talented and hilarious Judy Greer how to make a tropical, spicy, metabolism-boosting smoothie that is not only health-promoting, but also delicious, easy, and fun...especially when you have Judy in the kitchen... See below for the [...]

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The Chef and the Dietitian-Episode 4

Let the battle of the green smoothies begin!!! Chef AJ and I kick off our 2-part battle series where we each make our favorite smoothie using our favorite blender and see which one wins! (Please excuse the bad sound in the second half...our fabulous FilmMaker just bought a brand new camera so this won't happen in the future!) Try both of [...]

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The Greatness of Greens

If I were stuck on an island that was beautiful and peaceful; filled with my friends and family; abundant with new books to read, movies to watch, beaches for walking and playing; but I had to choose only one type of food that would sustain and nourish me for a long healthy life of relaxation [...]

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Deana Ferreri Guest Blog: Bok Choy!

Dr. Deana Ferreri earned her Ph.D. in Cardiovascular Sciences in 2008 from Albany Medical College . Her research on endothelial cell-cell adhesion has been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, and she has written a chapter on endothelial cell-cell junctions in a graduate textbook. Dr. Ferreri has taught undergraduate biology courses, graduate cardiovascular physiology lectures, and medical [...]

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