5 Non-Nutritional Reasons to Go Meatless

Eschewing meat and choosing plants as the foundation for the most perfect diet is a decision supported in multiple dimensions, such as health, ecology, and sustainability. Nutritionally speaking, humans do not require animal products to survive. We, in fact, benefit from emphasizing plants as fuel, enjoying a reduced risk for obesity and most of the [...]

Red Lentil Chili

A quick and easy, nutritious and delicious recipe that you can simply whip up in your blender and throw into a pressure cooker or slow cooker on this episode of The Chef and The Dietitian. Enjoy in a bowl, over a baked potato, or as a dip with baked tortilla chips.   RED LENTIL CHILI RECIPE [...]

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My Interview with Author and Filmmaker, Mike Anderson

My interview with Mike Anderson came out this past Monday on Meatless Mondays. He is a filmmaker, medical researcher and the author of the books The RAVE Diet andHealing Cancer From Inside Out, and the creator of the award-winning films, Eating and Healing Cancer From Inside Out. Because Meatless Monday has to limit the length of articles, I want to share the full-length interviewthat we did. It [...]

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