What Vegans Eat…Sample Meal Plans Made Simple + Hundreds of Recipes

Eating vegan can absolutely be easy, affordable, and most definitely delicious. On the gradient between super simple and grandly gourmet, there is a ton of wiggle room to make eating plants an everyday, enjoyable experience for everyone. You definitely aren’t limited to munching on lettuce and carrot sticks all day because there is a universe of possibility out there.

what vegans actually eat

Because there are innumerable benefits (and even more) of a vegan diet for humans, our planet, and the billions of animals that can be saved annually, it is an extraordinary investment to accept the learning curve necessitated by facing up to the process of redefining your plate. Most of us were raised eating a standard western diet. That is how we were taught to prepare food and how we simply look at our food. Thus, taking meat out of the center of the dish and reworking the culinary repertoire (or meal ordering know-how) you have hardwired in your brain from years of experience requires a reset. I liken it to learning a new language. You begin by trying out a few new ingredients such as nutritional yeast or quinoa (as in learning the fist few words on a new language). Then you try some recipes out (like learning some phrases). Then you start connecting those meals and stringing them into days (initiating some conversational sentences). Before you know it, with plenty of practice under your belt, you become fluent in how to eat a plant-based diet.

Flexibility is key in making the transition simple. Allow yourself to experiment with an open mind. Explore and find recipes online, via friends and family, or in books and bookmark the ones you love. I print or write out my favorites and collect them in my cookbook cabinet in my kitchen so they are always there for me to refer to when I need some inspiration.

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Aim to follow the Plant-Based Food Guide Pyramid and Plate, emphasizing The 6 Daily 3’s, and pick your preferences. Mix and match any of your favorite foods that fit into your lifestyle.

6 Daily 3's Web Sized


Here are hundreds of delicious, healthful, simple, creative, and absolutely practical meals you can use to build your repertoire:

Breakfast Options:

What vegans eat via The Vegan RD via UnCruel EatsLunch and Dinner Options:

What vegans eat_Vegan Sidekick

Snack and Dessert Options:

  • Hummus with crudite, whole grain crackers, whole grain bread, corn thins, rice cakes, whole grain tortillas, nori paper, rice paper
  • Air-popped popcorn with optional spices and nutritional yeast
  • Fresh fruit
  • Trail mix with your favorite combination of nuts, seeds, and fruits
  • Baked potato, sweet potato, or yam
  • Seaweed snacks
  • Steamed edamame
  • 25 Savory Snacks
  • 40 Whole Food (Sugar-Free, Oil-Free) Vegan Delicious Desserts

And this is only a small sampling….what is YOUR favorite meal plan or meal planning tip?


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  • Taylor Y

    Eating Vegan is Not Complicated????
    Breakfast -If Rolled Oats are not organic, they are no good and commercial almond milk is no good (where is the water sourced? are the almonds organic or pesticide laden and you do not need any added ingredients!) Make your own Almond Milk and bananas should be organic.
    Lunch-Commercial Tacos=No good as Corn in the USA are GMO, unless package says Organic & Non -GMO, canned re-fried beans-you have to watch out for the BisPhenol A and Attrazine (Hormone Mimicker) in the lining of the can, rice should be organic, the same with the veggies.
    Dinner-If noodles are wheat, they need to be NON-GMO and organic as 95% of all wheat in America has been weaponized and the most heavily sprayed with pesticide of any other crop. Pasta Sauce ingredients usually contain sugar made from GMO sugar beets, oils that are trans fat, and tomatoes that are not organic andwho knows where ther water is sourced (probably tap water).
    What a terrible dinner! Where are the fresh vegetables?

    • You can make it complicated like this, but the scientific research does not support any of these claims. Research supports the benefits of eating vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, herbs, and spices…the studies are mostly done without taking into account organic or GMOs. And I advocate for eating plenty of fresh vegetables…this meme is one example of how simple a vegan diet can be.